Geotechnical division

    • Onshore geotechnical investigation soil/rock drilling
    • Offshore geotechnical investigation
    • Laboratory testing (material¬† testing like soil, rock, concrete, steel etc)
    • Pile installation of Bored cast in situ pile, driven precast pile and under reamed pile etc
    • Pile load testing (vertical, lateral and tension pile)

Geotechnical engineering plays a key role in all civil engineering projects, since all construction is build on or in the ground. GEGS has been providing services of geotechnical investigation, consultancy works for supporting substructures and civil engineering material testing for various types of projects like residential, industrial buildings and infrastructures like road over bridges, urban viaduct, overhead water reservoirs, residential complexes, stadium, transmission towers and other structures. The special work includes deep foundation schemes, ground improvements works and pavement structures. The design cell has experienced design engineer / technical staffs providing fast and accurate solutions through advanced automation facilities.

GEGS works with developers, architects, civil design engineers, design-build contractor, school boards, and municipalities to determine the geotechnical aspects or needs of a proposed project. We also have the expertise and experience to help in determining the root cause of a problem.

Here is our list of geotechnical services:

    • Geotechnical investigation includes field testing in soil/rock, laboratory testing and recommendation with report
    • Piling and pile load testing (vertical, lateral and uplift)
    • Shallow and Deep foundation analysis and design.
    • Retaining wall design criteria
    • Foundation soil stability evaluation
    • Ground improvement techniques
    • Material testing like soil, rock, concrete etc